Team Building in Uzice and it’s neighborhood

Outdoor activities in the area for perfect teambuilding programs for your company. Just let us know what do you want to achieve on this program and we will customize it for you.

– Entertainment for all –
– Skills Test refinement –
– Teamwork enhancement –
– Comradery development –
– Outdoor adventure environment –

Looking for the perfect Team Building Adventure in beautiful natural surroundings? Join us for your team building adventure in Uzice! We are ready to assist with all your team building needs where we cater for groups from 10 people up to 60. We have designed a specific team building program which caters for people from a beginner level to intermediate up to advanced ensuring fun is had by all.

The teambuilding adventure challenge is situated outdoors in the beautiful city of Uzice, surrounded by some of the most spectacular nature that Serbia has to offer. Team building participants will begin an adventure Team building challenge at a course by the beach next to the Djetinja river. The treasure hunt based theme will take participants through a series of mapped out points where unique exciting challenges have been developed. Participants will be challenged to refine team working skills, show courage, activate some hidden strength whilst maintaining speed to keep ahead of fellow teams. Some of the exciting activities include, kayaking, hiking, trekking whilst undertaking puzzle solving and strategy mapping.

We have experienced and professional co-ordinators who will handle the program to ensure ease of flow and peace of mind for all staff including management to enjoy the events of the day.

Come and enjoy a well constructed program that has been specifically formulated to capture the essence of team building through unity whilst taking in and enjoying the natural beauty of western Serbia. 

Your team building adventure challenge in spectacular Uzice awaits you!