Our Team

When we decided to start the Republik project, back in 2013, there was a general  lack of companies operating in private tailored tours withinin Serbia, especially the Zlatibor and Užice region. We initially offered services to our guests at our Eco Hostel Republik but due to increasing demand as result of the amazing feedback, recommendations and word of mouth requests, we decided to open the Tour Company. We offered our services to the guests who were staying in the area and who were looking for a truly local experience with regional tour guides and small private groups.

Marko, the founder of the company, was born and has lived most of his life in Uzice. Being an experienced global traveler, saw an opportunity in the market as he always struggled to get private tours, with experienced local drivers and guides. Today, we are proud to be one of the most reputable companies in Western Serbia, offering private tailored tours, with private tour guides. All our guides are born and raised in Uzice and they will be your sincere hosts in their backyard.

If you would like to be part of our team, as a private tour guide, please contact Marko directly here: -+381 693226316
Marko Ristovski

Marko’s passion for Uzice turned Uzice into a travelers hub when this little town was disappearing from tourstic maps. Marko is an adventurer, skiing lover and creator of many hiking trails around Uzice. If he is not busy with organizing the rest of the team he will probably be your guide. Hes been travelling throughout the world and has found Uzice and Western Serbia to be the best and most beautifull part of the world.


Born and raised in Uzice with a love for nature and a passion for fishing. He has an eye for perfection so thanks to him all our vehicles are nice and tidy. He is expert in Tara National Park and the protected nature areas, stemming from his background as a environmentalist and river protector.


After having spent most of his life living in Uzice and a few years in the USA he has decided to come back and continue his touristic career in Uzice. Recently he bought a big peace of land in Mokra Gora where he will create a travelers center offering valuable insight through his passion for visitors to Mokra Gora.


Ivan is passionate about local legends and the intrinsic connections between different cultures and peoples. You will probably get into deep conversations about unique Serbian understandings, Serbian people and culture and how is they are connected with other cultures.


Borko is snowboard instructor and adventurer who spends most of his time in nature and extreme sports. You will more than likely meet him through some of our biking, kayaking or hiking tours where he will share stories about rivers, lakes and mountains of Western Serbia. Hes been living and working in the USA for a while but as he says “nothing is nearly beautiful as Uzice”. We are lucky to have him with us.


After coming all the way from China as a guest of Eco Hostel Republik, she fell in love in Serbia, Uzice and people in this little vibrant town. Whilst partaking and enjoying our tours as a guest she decided to stay and work with us. So she will be the one who is coordinating your pick up times, locations and overall details about the tour. She is our pleasant customer service representative and you will love Misaki for sure.


Being a Kayaking national team player of Serbia, he has a passion for the Drina River and all white water raftings tours throughout Serbia. In the summer months he will be found either in his kayak or floating house on Perucac lake and during the winter you will find him in Lapland guiding snowmobile tours. A true adventure guide at heart, with him you will feel safe no matter what the conditions on the day are.