Zlatar Lake

Zlatar Lake – Kokin Brod

Zlatar lake also known as Lake Kokin Brod is one of the pearls of Western Serbia. Feel the wilderness and refresh yourself in the crystal clear blue water which is a very popular destination for Uzice local people.

Zlatarsko lake known as Lake Kokin Brod, is an artificial lake formed in the valley of the river Uvac, construction of dams for hydropower and damming the river Uvac Code of Kokin Brod. Zlatarsko lake has an area of 7.25 km2, a length of 21 km, while the average depth of the lake is 75 m. The lake is surrounded by mountains and a Goldsmith Muretnica.

The dam was built on the lake and is the largest stone dam in Evorpi. Due to the use of water for hydroelectric power plants, the water level in the lake varies up to 45 m. Zlatarsko Lake is located along the Belgrade-Montenegrin highway and is a popular destination for travelers who want to stop and take a break from the busy road . The shores of Lake Zlatarsko were formed in such a manner as to represent a wild beach feel . The lake is mostly navigable, which provides opportunities for boating and allows one to enjoy all the available natural beauty the lake offers. Frequent guests to Zlatarsko Lake include cyclists, hikers, hunters and fishermen. Near the lake is the habitat of the rare the griffon vulture offering visitors a chance to catch a glimpse of these beautiful birds of prey in their natural environment.