Rujno Monastery

rujno monastery
Rujno Monastery – First Serbian Printing Office

The medieval Rujno monastery is located in the village of Vrutci, 14 kilometers from Uzice. After the construction of the Vrutci Dam and water reservoirs for the town of Uzice, the monastery ruins were covered with water and remain at the bottom of the lake bed. In 2006, some 1.5 kilometers from the location, on the shore of Lake, the construction of a monastery modeled after the 15th century original was completed.

The monastery can be reached via the old railway line or asphalt road through the village of Stapari. Built in the architectural form of early Christian monasteries, its shape is of a basilica in nature. It is built with a sig and an authentic red stone that symbolizes the color of the monastery. The region is home to a unique native type of herbaceous plant, called Ruj after which the area was once named the Rujan area. In September, during autumn time the landscape is transformed into a beautiful and interesting red color through the leaves of this plant. Monastery was reconstructed in the form of the earliest medieval monasteries. 

The monastery occupies an important place in the cultural history of the Serbs, it printed the first Serbian book of the Fourth Gospel, The Gospel of John in September 1536 – 1537, it is further recognised as the first printing house in Serbia.

The temple is dedicated to St. George. According to tradition, next to the monastery there used to be a hot water spring which was known by people for its healing properties. The area also boasted a market and and represented an important intersection of roads until the 19th century. As part of our Wet Mountain tours, we visit this beautiful monastery where you will hear the full story and further legends of this monasteries interesting history.