Kadinjaca War Memorial

kadinjaca war memorial
Kadinjaca War Memorial

Kadinjaca Memorial is known for its carrying of a strong note :“The fourteenth kilometer has surrendered but Kadinjača never will“. That contemplation of the poet has been mentioned and remembered for decades in the Užice region as proof of the historical importance of the battle on Kadinjača, a legendary hill 14 km from Užice.

Among other monuments around Uzice, one in particular worth seeing is the famous Memorial on Kadinjaca (14 km towards west from Uzice). The memorial is dedicated to the troops of Workers Battalion from Uzice, the Posavec and the Orasans, who gave their lives on 29th November 1941 for a cause that was entrenched in their core by till then end by protecting the retreat of the main partisan troops from Užice towards Sandžak.

As a memory of their resistance, in 1952 the memorial was unveiled – the pyramid under which is the crypt where the remains of the majority of fallen soldiers who lost their lives on Kadinjaca lay buried today.

In 1979 a new memorial was unveiled, when the Workers’ battalion was given the medal of the Order of The National Hero. This authenticated the significance of the battle on Kadinjaca paving the way for the conceptiliasing of having a memorial monument and plan to build a Memorial Home which was birthed by the sculptor Miodrag Zivkovic and the architect Aleksandar Djokic from Belgrade.

Within this memorial which has a size which measures 15 acres, is a memorial home where visitors can get information on the monument and the battle on Kadinjaca. There is a permanent exhibition which takes place in the memorial home of the “Workers’ Battalion and the Battle of Kadinjaca” encompassing an area of about 150 m2 with more than 300 exhibited items.

In one of the rooms is an exhibition “Uzice Region in NATO Aggression Against Yugoslavia”. This exhibition gives you a specific and unique insight into the dynamics which shaped this region through the excessive force used by Nato during the Yugoslavia aggression.