Eco Hostel Republik-Uzice

Ulica Zelje Djurica 34, Uzice, Serbia

Republik Tours is proud to recommend some trusted accommodation service providers. We have partnered with service providers that offer the very highest standard in customer satisfaction and professionalism to ensure a comfortable stay whilst enjoying our various tours.

Looking for a place to stay in Uzice? Looking for a way to explore Mokra Gora and Sirogjno? Look no further than Hostel Uzice. With thirty beds in private rooms or dormitories, and with professional tours to Mokra Gora and Sirogojno, Hostel Uzice offers a unique experience for travelers. The interior is fully equipped with furniture made from euro pallets, old military ammo cases and army equipment. Hostel Uzice is the first and only hostel in Uzice, and its prices are the best in all of Western Serbia.

Set between two beautiful mountains, Tara and Zlatibor, the city of Uzice has easy access to the historic villages of Mokra Gora and Sirogojno, the Sargan Eight railway, Tara National Park, waterfalls, lakes and many biking and hiking trails. Here you can go biking, hiking, paragliding, kayaking, rock climbing and rafting… This is right place for travelers who want to get closer with local traditions and craftsmanship, want to experience pure nature, or want to feel an adrenaline rush.